The Art of Success

Mike Winkelmann, the genius behind Beeple, is the an artist who is dedicated to creating art every single day and has been doing so for about seven years now! He lives by the value that it is important to work on your craft everyday, so you can learn something new everyday. Currently, he creates visuals that are used for music videos and short films. You can check his work out here! In this episode, Clark and Mike talk about Mike’s journey … [More]

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Transitions and Women in Entrepreneurship

  Kate O’Neill is the founder of KO Insights who spends a lot of her time speaking, writing and consulting to draw out a purposefulness in others as well as create a more consumer first … [More]

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Betsega Bekele

Social Entrepreneurship

Note: We have had some technical difficulties, so this episode is out a little late. Betsega Bekele has over fifteen years experience in the non-profit and private sectors, executing creative, … [More]

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Chris Locurto

The Benefits of Communication

Formerly one of Dave Ramsey’s key leaders over 12 years, Chris served as the Vice President of Live Events. He oversaw The Total Money Makeover LIVE!, a concert-like show on personal finances, helped … [More]

Building MVP with Corey Maass

Building MVP with Corey Maass

Corey Maass has been building for the web since 1997. He is a front- and back-end developer with an eye for design, and a passion for usability and doing things intelligently. His passion lies in … [More]

jordan kasper ETPcast

Why and How Remote Working is Transforming Entrepreneurship

Jordan Kasper has been working with software since 1993 at age 13. Since then, Jordan has been programming many interfaces from the IBM Z mainframes to TI Calculators. For the past ten years, Jordan … [More]

Jake in Mexico

Redefining Success as an Entrepreneur with Jake Jorgovan

Jake Jorgovan is an entrepreneur, dreamer, and explorer of the unknown. He has started companies that have been huge successes, but not without a few failures along the way. After several years of … [More]

Jon Acuff on ETPcast

What’s Next for Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff is a New York Times bestseller of four books. His most recent work is titled Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters. For 15 years he’s helped some of the … [More]

Keen Digital Summit Nashville TN podcast

Keen Digital Summit: Behind the Scenes with the Founders

In this episode of ETPcast, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the KEEN Digital Summit. Clark Buckner sits down with Kristin Luna and Scott van Velsor, the founders behind KEEN. Together the duo has … [More]

Studio room for ETPcast

Developing a Platform and Owning Your Dream with Jeff Goins

This week on ETPcast, we sit down with Jeff Goins, full-time author, blogger and speaker, to talk about building a platform for your work, so that people actually see it. Jeff has written two … [More]